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Accused slain cop’s girlfriend maintains innocence | Nightline

Karen Read, the woman charged with killing Officer John O’Keefe in January 2022, speaks with “Nightline” and maintains she had no part in his death.



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42 thoughts on “Accused slain cop’s girlfriend maintains innocence | Nightline

  1. The fact that Higgins and Albert were able to cover up this murder makes you wonder how many other innocent people have been framed under their watch.

  2. It was definitely a cover-up. Brian Alberts family and his sister inlaw Jennifer are responsible for john O'Keefe's death. The 227am call how long to die in cold makes Jennifer McCabe a murderer as well. Actually,everyone that was in that house while john was dying in the cold is responsible.

  3. Even if he was beaten…why put all the lacerations on one arm to make it look worse???….they say the dog attacked him while he was fighting back and thats why the guy got rid of the dog because of the injuries the dog sustained. Did they not locate the dog at all?

  4. She saw on FB and that he had 2 children…knew she didn't want to be a mother figure but hooked up with him anyway. Then complains to the ATF agent who she thinks "is hot". She's full of doodoo.

  5. And how'd NO ONE notice john was lying on their driveway, dying???

    SO MANY weird things.

    Wayyyyy too much reasonable doubt in this case.

    And what I've been thinking about is when are we going to investigate who ACTUALLY kill him and bring THEM to justice????

  6. I'm sorry but an innocent person doesn't talk about the victim and the arguments and things the victim was doing wrong in their relationship
    It just shows that there was motive. I'm sorry. Everyone that knows her says she is not capable, but isn't that the story every time people find out someone they know is charged with murder of someone. They always say that the person who is charged that they would never think that this person could do something like that. It's always shock. It's the norm reaction
    2:46 shows there was tension going on in their relationship already. And how he didn't bother coming into the room on new years till 3 am shows he really didn't want to be around her because if he did he would've been with her also. So..

  7. People! KR is still INNOCENT because she has the “presumption of INNOCENCE”!

    The State charged her with charges and they must produce evidence to PROVE TO JURY she’s GUILTY!!!

    Not to prove she’s NOT GUILTY because right now she’s INNOCENT, “NOT GUILTY”!

    Can we get this? KR IS INNOCENT AS OF RIGHT NOW!


  8. She's a liar. He never made it into the house and her attorney fabricated an entire story to take the heat off of her. Hired expert witnesses to speak on her behalf and they were dishonest. If she had 4 drinks then she was too drunk to drive… if she had 9 drinks then she was totally bombed.

  9. The Albert’s and McCabe lawyers would not comment or let them do an interview I wonder why. Guilty people hide from the truth or go on TV and do interviews

  10. Those cops killed him. They were not friends. Terrible display of law enforcement state of Massachusetts… since now we know that he had made it in the house and she had left … dirty cops….I believe this lady Karen..

  11. We’ve learned from all the investigation shows criminals talk about how kind and nice they are, how bad the victim was and they lay blame on anyone anywhere. Several others even.

  12. Here's the real problem. She doesn't know if he made it into the house or not. She says it's windy and she sees him go to the side of the house . Next, she looks at her phone and gets frustrated . Pulls off . There's a possibility he came back to the car while she was looking at the phone . As she pulls out, she hits him and runs him over. She doesn't notice because she's intoxicated . When she gets back to the house, that's when she realizes she hit him . Hence, the questioning to others and herself when she returns. So her lawyer is throwing up a Hail Mary . Claiming someone beat him up . Plus, this is the police so there must be a cover-up . It's working 😐

  13. Her botox hides a lot of facial body Language,but even the most renomed body language experts noticed that something is up with her story(she never saw him enter the house,this was s a big one,she had more then four drinks…) and say she probably cant even remember what she might have done!!!!

  14. Karen backed up into johns truck at 5am ..when did she know the tail light was cracked?? She told the other women at 6am i cracked my tail light ..after she found a dead boyfriend or before ?? That question wipl tell the truth about of karen hit john or not

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