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6 Big Moments in Karen Read Trial

Who is responsible for the death of Boston Police Officer John O’Keefe? Court TV’s Vinnie Politan and experts examine the biggest evidence in the #KillerOrCoverUpMurderTrial.

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40 thoughts on “6 Big Moments in Karen Read Trial

  1. I've been watching this trial. This looks like a big cover up by the family. I think they got into a fight with the homeowners and dog attacked him for sure. They lying for sure.

  2. The fact that the entire first 5 minutes are all the perspective of the prosecution means this is not a biased interviewer/journalist. Made up his mind without doing any research at all. Another media puppet.

  3. The prosecutions “evidence” was a joke. If I am ever in trouble I want Ms. Read’s lawyer’s tho. That is crack defense team! After this debacle tho I think both the Canton and Providence police should be heavily investigated by an outside entity. Every case their “ investigation twam@ has worked on should be reviewed and reexamined. Was it this just case because they were doing a cover up or are they this incompetent at all their work?

  4. Its amazing that in 2024 your butt can put in your passcode and then proceed to dial out multiple times. Unless you are carrying around a 90's Nokia or blackberry I think the percentage of someone butt dialing now a days is extremely slim.

  5. So much reasonable doubt. First, Red solo cups for evidence? 2) house full of cops doesn't see the dead buddy? 3) owners and friends never came out to check on him? 4) the lady that said they went to the back of the suv looking at damage. Video does not show that. 5) video of the suv in police custody happens to cut out at a key moment. 6) manner of death undetermined 7) over 2000 text messages to his sister. When did he have time to do a legit investigation? 8) tail light pieces found on separate days. Trail light damage could be anytime from anything. 9) did she ask a question… I hit him? 10) First it was Statement i hit him. Now their testimony changed she said DID I hit him? Already i have more questions and doubts they're telling the truth. The truth is easy to remember. Lies are hard to keep straight. 11) so if he was found up by the house, did she hit him in the yard? And why was nothing on video? Injuries don't seem to be consistent with hit n run. Tail light on the yard, not on the road or sidewalk? Scratches don't look like road rash? None of their stories make sense.

  6. My late husband died 5 years ago. I was home in the kitchen and knew something was wrong. I felt it in my bones. Looked down the road and saw police lights.

    I KNEW he was gone before the coroner told me 3 hours later. SHE ABSOLUTELY could have known something was very very wrong.

  7. Albert and Higgins are friends, friends always talk. Nothing there. People update their phones, people put their phones in their pocket that causes butt dial, it happens. Over thinking is what’s going on here.

  8. the COPE from the guy in the bottom right is insane. He just handwaves everything and says "yeah well they had stuff to hide obviously" but somehow that its not involving their involvement in the case? Using the risk of jail for covering it up doesnt work if its a mother and extended family trying to cover for a 17 year old!

  9. You cant throw out her own confession, that it was her fault based on ambulance emt. Karen changed her story once she realized she could avoid responsibility and because prosecution did a sloppy job, not a conspiracy but a sloppy job allows doubt.

  10. When Karen backed up into John's car, what happens after she pulls away? Does any video show taillight pieces on the snow when she pulls her car away? Has anyone seen this in the video? This would explain a lot.

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