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17 thoughts on ““100% He’s a Laker” – Woj reports LeBron James called Klay Thompson right when free agency opened

  1. He has every right too feel that way!!! Everyone's contract got taken care of ever Jordan Poole. They will not win another championship even with Steph Curry that ship has sailed so Klay you sail on go win another CHIP!!!! They brought this on themselves. How much money do you need 🤔? The Warriors DID NOT make a good effort to keep Klay Thompson. That why Bob left he new what was going to happen. And he did not want to be the bareer of bad news. And Paul George he new he would have to work real hard with that small lineup. The Warriors organization are COLD-BLOODED!!!!

  2. Not the biggest Klay fan but its great to see him be able to move on. He watched the nutcracker Draymond punch a teammate, threaten Kerr and security had to remove him from the facility, get suspended for choking a player, clothesline a player, and still get a swift four year $100 million extension. Curry hasn't come out and make any supportive comments. Being benched for a rookie probably was as much as he could take.

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