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🚨BREAKING NEWS: Warriors SIGN De’Anthony Melton After Klay Thompson SIGNS With Dallas Mavericks

BREAKING Golden State Warriors news as Klay Thompson signs with Dallas Mavericks in 2024 NBA Free Agency, signing a 3-year, $50 Million deal. The 4x NBA Champion and 5x All-Star decides to leave the Golden State Warriors after a tumultuous beginning to the Warriors offseason that saw Klay feel disrespected by Warriors general manager Mike Dunleavy Jr., the Warriors front office and even potentially teammate Draymond Green. The Warriors Free Agency rumors don’t stop here as the team looks to build a competitive roster around Steph Curry for the final years of his prime. Warriors Today host Chase Senior breaks down Klay Thompson free agency news and gives analysis on what Golden State should do next on today’s Golden State Warriors YouTube video.

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Golden State Warriors News on signing De’Anthony Melton comes immediately after Golden State learned that Klay Thompson signs with the Dallas Mavericks. The Warriors used the full mid-level exception, signing De’Anthony Melton to a 1-year, $12.8 million deal to replace Klay Thompson on the Warriors roster. Warriors fans hope Melton can provide the shooting that Klay Thompson did but also provide energy and a spark to the Warriors defense.

Klay Thompson Warriors Career Highlights:
– 4x NBA Champion (2015, 2017, 2018, 2022)
– 5x NBA All-Star (2015-2019)
– 2x All-NBA Third Team (2015, 2016)
– NBA All-Defensive 2nd Team (2019)
– Three-Point Contest Champion (2016)
– NBA All-Rookie 1st Team (2012)

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Golden State Warriors Warriors Trade Targets:
– Kevin Durant
– Jarrett Allen
– Lauri Markkanen
– Jimmy Butler
– Karl-Anthony Towns
– Brandon Ingram
– Zach LaVine

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34 thoughts on “🚨BREAKING NEWS: Warriors SIGN De’Anthony Melton After Klay Thompson SIGNS With Dallas Mavericks

  1. All good things must come to an end , so do dynasties . The Warriors , management and certain players have squandered at least 2 championship opportunities . Klay Thompson made a decision based on money. Klays skill set was on the decline both defensively and offensively . He will be missed because he was such an important part of Warriors lore. He will be missed but never forgotten . I wish him all the best as he embarks on a new chapter with the Mavs . No matter what team he plays for , he will always be a Warrior !

  2. 😢Kerr and Curry ETAL relevant players should be taking a page from Doc Rivers play book when they went to Houston to DeAndre Jordan's house to show him that they really want him back with clippers when signed with Mavericks. They should be heading to Klay's House now or wherever he is and show him they really want him with the Warriors. At this stage of free agency, even if they sign Markkanen, Warriors will need another shooter like Klay who is familiar with Warriors system as opposed to a new player who has to be indoctrinated to Warriors system, trained and adapt to the system in a very short time. Not to mention to fit with the Warriors personnel. On top of it salary wise is 2 million apart, plus it can be spread out over 3 years which would be easier to salary cap issue. Right now they are the biggest loser in this free agency. I am aware that you think Warriors are better off without Klay I am sorry to disagree but not really. If you can look at the whole picture in a short or long run and given the talents that's available and the caliber of the top elite contenders in the association, talents and time play a very crucial role to the strategy. You must also understand that 3 year contract is a long time and at any given time that can change if there is a willing trading partner. All of these should be made to all parties.

  3. Melton F. We declined Lester's team option to pay a shorter older gaurd at least 3x more who doesn't know our system. Moses is the obvious to step up in Klay's absence. Lester was next one up. Our team screwed up

  4. Bob Myers had some questionable moments, but even his worst mistakes, were nothing close to this tragedy. I don't care if we never got past the first round for the next 3 years.
    You keep Steph, Klay, Draymond until the end. And from what is being reported. PRICE was NOT THE ISSUE.

  5. Dunlevy is a fucking idiot he gave away 2 all stars and got nothing in return dident go after Pg13 dident go after any decent players and marketin wtf is wrong with these people if I was Steph I would get the fuck out of there obviously there not serious about winning a chip Steph should of went to the Spurs but Paul beat em too it so I guess he could go to the Timberwolves and probley definitely win a few more rings idk but the dubs obviously ain't serious about winning

  6. Grade I for incomplete. Is Melton at least healthy? He played 38 games and had a back injury last season. The quickness and low cost to get him just doesn’t feel like it will turn out to be successful. Warriors need to go all out on a big, if they can somehow get a healthy Markannen it would salvage this free agency fiasco somewhat 💛🏀💙

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