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21 thoughts on “🚨BREAKING: Klay Thompson to DALLAS in a sign & trade, Warriors SIGN De’Anthony Melton #shorts

  1. This sux. We declined Lester Quinones' team option. Then we used the Mid-level on Melton? Lester fits us better. Now our Mid-level is gone. No more chance for a player of the caliber of Precious Achiuwa who was my #1 option. Wow.😢😢

  2. There were never an era the warriors beat an injured cavs team, lost to a healthy cavs team, went to Durant on bending knees and he won 2 chips, warriors beat a youthful Celtics and pathetic nba, but they're icons……….give me a break good riddance…

  3. A lot of people in these comments don’t know basketball.. how exactly did we get worse??!? Klay was already coming off the bench and has had a steady decline, I doubt he even makes it 3 more years playing. Meltin a better defender AND we are still getting another player from the Mavs, that’s y the deal isn’t final!!!

  4. We paid him 2 years on a max deal without playing 1 game but he balked at giving the Warriors a hometown discount. So instead of getting $24-25M per year, he’ll get $17M. It’s hard to break up a dynasty but let the spoiled brat go. Spend our money elsewhere. Zach or Markannan coming soon.

  5. In Cannon Curry’s voice….goodbye Klay Thompson😢 what a let down to one of the key players to the championship run. Bit of a slap in the face to him in the end from Dumbleavy….if he can’t put a team together he should be shown the door next dude couldn’t find the northern end of a south bound camel

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