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🚨 Warriors WAIVING Chris Paul, will become FREE AGENT 🚨 Woj says this was ‘EXPECTED!’ | NBA Today

Adrian Wojnarowski joins Zach Lowe, Brian Windhorst, Richard Jefferson, Kendrick Perkins and Malika Andrews on NBA Today’s Free Agency Special to detail the Golden State Warriors waiving Chris Paul, who had a $30 million guarantee date today. Paul now becomes a free agent.

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49 thoughts on “🚨 Warriors WAIVING Chris Paul, will become FREE AGENT 🚨 Woj says this was ‘EXPECTED!’ | NBA Today

  1. For people who dont know, they were trying to do another D'Angelo Russell. They signed Russell back then and used him as a chip to get Wiggins from the TWolves. They were hoping a team would be desperate enough to get CP3 for maybe some picks or better players. No one bought it for their price. If they had signed CP3 for about 20m, that probably have received more interest

  2. warrios should bring back Wiseman with a small contract and trade Wiggins, Moody for Ingram .

    you have enough space to fulfill the bench bringing another big

    Klay can leave , he is a liability for the team and the young fellas due to his bad attitude sometimes

  3. The Warriors GM is a JOKE. Please, Steph, request a trade. They are wasting your remaining years. It looks like another wasted year. This Dunleavy guy does not have a clue.

  4. Another year where other teams are making impactful trades to get better and the Warriors send guys away for nothing in return. The Warriors are truly the laughing stock of the league.

  5. wherever CP3 lands next, it should probably be as a 6th starter in the second unit. At 39 he stlll has value. He has done everything except scoring title and win a chip.
    Iverson didnt win a chip(CP3 is not Iverson, I know) but we dont question where he is top 5 of point guards

  6. Fire the GM. Waiving him and getting zero rather than a trade, that is also on the GM. Just because he’s your friend or acquaintance doesn’t mean he’s qualified. This Chris Paul move plus letting Klay walk are two stupid moves.

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