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🚨 Reaction to Klay Thompson joining Luka Doncic & Mavericks 🚨 #nba #mavericks #warriors

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34 thoughts on “🚨 Reaction to Klay Thompson joining Luka Doncic & Mavericks 🚨 #nba #mavericks #warriors

  1. Celtics faced Bam and no 50 win teams to get to the finals. Fatigue and injury was the Celtics 6th man.

    Dallas faced PG, SGA, AE, KAT going from 10 seed to 5 after coming together in March beating all 50 win teams along the way with no home court advantage.

    If you climb 50 flights of stairs and battle an opponent that climbed 5 is your approach trash? Or is it a massive slant due to fatigue. Celtics will not be back. Remember everyone was wrong all playoffs and then picked the Mavs in the finals. Now why would you prognosticators be correct all the sudden. Whatever sells right now right? Celtics won so therefore Mavs bad. πŸ™„

  2. 3 poor Defenders…I thought they already learned that you are not gonna win the Chip with bad defense…Dallas Donkeys doubles down on bad defenders…you can't write this stuff….is it an effort of theirs to say STOP HUNTING LUKA…WE HAVE PLENTY OTHER DEER ON THIS TEAM…

  3. The problem is Luca. He refuses to move without the ball. When the guy doesn't have the ball he literally stands at the logo. Doesn't move. Doesn't offer any value unless the ball is in his hands.

  4. If that's the case. Klay may have more rings than Steph if they become champion/s because GSW is not improving its roster because of kerr's and the management's dumbness in still sticking to small ball roster. I hope Steph also considers leaving if the management will not find someone who can really help him offensively. Other teams are bulking up while gsw is becoming worse.

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