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Klay Thompson’s departure from the Golden State Warriors is now confirmed. Initially, the conflict was over Klay’s demand for a max contract, but with his declining numbers and contentious interviews, it was clear he wasn’t a max player anymore. Despite a fair offer of $20 million per year, Klay was offended and decided to leave out of spite. He’s now joining the Dallas Mavericks on a three-year, $50 million deal, benefiting from the lack of state income tax in Dallas. The Mavericks secured Klay at a perfect price, but it’s still shocking to see him leave the Warriors.

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39 thoughts on “🚨 Klay Thompson is OFFICIALLY A DALLAS MAVERICK 🀯

  1. I remember watching the team last year I don't know why for some reason things were not working on offense with him being on the floor with Steph Curry and the other guys. But the great idea that I saw from the coaching staff was having him as a second unit it is just like having a starting five on the floor. And when they did that his numbers went back up. I don't think Klay has lost a step I also don't think that he's not worth a Max contract. I understand you don't want to have two focal point stars like Steph Curry but I understand that this is a little bit disrespectful and the fact that they offered him 48 million for 2 years but he took a 50 million dollar contract for 3 years on a different team. And truthfully is a team that's ready to win

  2. Good riddance, the GSW should have gotten rid of Green sooner too. Klay got a max contract earlier and should be grateful since he's older and less productive…Can u say ENTITLED?

  3. Look this reminds me of Ben Gordon and the bull's they offered him 50 million but after they drafted D-Rose Ben powted and took 51 mil instead from Detroit and the rest is His-story??

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