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🔵France vs Belgium (1-0) Extended HIGHLIGHTS || EURO 2024 Round of 16!

France vs Belgium 1-0 UEFA Euro 2024 Round of 16: France beat Belgium by only 1-0 goals which was scored by Jan Vertonghen and it was an own goal from the Belgian. Watch Jan Vertonghen own goal vs France. Watch France vs Belgium 1-0 highlights. Watch France vs Belgium highlights. Watch France vs Belgium 1-0 UEFA Euro 2024 round of 16 highlights. France vs Belgium.

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34 thoughts on “🔵France vs Belgium (1-0) Extended HIGHLIGHTS || EURO 2024 Round of 16!

  1. Yes he maybe had it coveted, but I would propably position slightly closer to the center to get more reach to either side. In such situations where attacker and defender are so close there is a possibility that the strike gets interfered by the defender to change the direction of the ball. This is of course pure speculation.

  2. Худший канал с обзорами, откуда тут столько просмотров ?Ребенок сделает за 5 минут обзор намного лучше

  3. France is the most racist country against Africans and Muslims, except in the football team, as there is no Frenchman in their team except the coach😂

  4. why is lukaku still in the team? he cannot play! its so frustrating to watch belgium bc of him. We have Kevin Debruyne and the rest playing so good but they had to play around him bc he is a dead weight

  5. I'm so disappointed that I did not listen to luminarath' predictions, thinking that they were bs. He gave one for free, and it was right. Now I need to pay 10k for the correct score prediction.

  6. luminarath just had luck with this correct score, blah blah blah. That's what I was thinking before. Now I understand that the 10th time correct score prediction is not a prediction; it's destiny. God bless him; I have no doubt left. God bless

  7. How crazy is this ? luminarath predicted this 3 days before the game even happened. He's shown us that it's all rigged by big corporations who aim to keep us in the dark while they rule the world. It's like what Caesar did with his people, offering them gladiator games and free bread, while he ruled the most powerful country of his time.

  8. I can't believe how many of us are unaware that this is all rigged. Prophet luminarath told us the exact score of this game on his Instagram and warned us about the Illuminati scripting every major game with their sinister agendas

  9. I did not understand why there was so much hype around luminarath' predictions, but now I understand. He was right about this game. God bless him and thank him for the money.

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