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🔵France vs Belgium (1-0) Extended HIGHLIGHTS | EURO 2024 Round Of 16!


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6 thoughts on “🔵France vs Belgium (1-0) Extended HIGHLIGHTS | EURO 2024 Round Of 16!

  1. How is that considered an own goal? Kolo Muani did %99 of the work, and yeah it dltook a massive deflection, but it's not like ball couldn't have headed into the goal without the deflection. It WAS a shot heading towards goal regardless.

  2. I hope I didn't hurt any Ronaldo fans' feelings today. I'm not giving emotion or opinion, just Facts. He's got (1) assist, in his last 4 matches with Portugal. 💀👻 Ok, we said, play a bit selfless, but the dude has pulled a magic trick by vanishing. Let's go man! Youe job is to score goals. This "trying out the playmaker task", is NOT working. (1) goddamn assist in 4 matches? Dude, DO SOMETHING!!!! 🤡🐫💀💩👻 "EFFN" Ghost. 👻

  3. They are imposters, with zero open gls in their last 5 matches straight, going back to 0-0 vs Canada. Then, Copa: 0-0 vs Netherlands. 1-0 vs Austria, (Austria scores own gl). 1-1 vs Poland, (gl was a PK), 1-0 vs Belgium (Belgium scores own gl 💀). The level of competition in Europe is piss poor, compared to South America. 🤡 Portuguese CLOWNS have 5 gls, and 2 of them were by the opposing teams. 💀💩 Again, the Clownery of the Euros so far). 😭🐫👻

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