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🔴 Round of 16 UEFA EURO 2024 FIXTURES & SCHEDULE – Match Schedule EURO 2024 Round of 16

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UEFA EURO 2024 ROUND OF 16 SCHEDULE & FIXTURES – Full Match Schedule Round of 16 EURO 2024, Dates and Times

Saturday, 29 June 2024
Switzerland vs Italy
Germany vs Denmark

Sunday, 30 June 2024
England vs Slovakia
Spain vs Georgia

Monday, 1 July 2024
France vs Belgium
Portugal vs Slovenia

Tuesday, 2 July 2024
Romania vs Netherlands
Austria vs Türkiye


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24 thoughts on “🔴 Round of 16 UEFA EURO 2024 FIXTURES & SCHEDULE – Match Schedule EURO 2024 Round of 16

  1. My predicted round of 16 winners and QF pairings
    Spain – Germany
    Portugal – France
    Romania – Austria
    Slovakia – Switzerland

    QF winners and semi pairings
    Spain – Portugal
    Austria – Switzerland

    And Spain beats Austria in the final.

    Im German and holding my thumbs. But against Spain i dont see us win. Our defense is way too slapstick while theirs is rock solid. And Nagelsmann just stubbornly insists on Havertz as striker way too much. He just gets eaten by strong defenders while our effective concrete breaker Füllkrug mostly watches from the bench.
    Austria clearly is my dark horse. They perform really well and also have quite an easy road cause all the big favourites are on the other side of the table. So they wont face them before the final. Except England finally decides to play football. Then its Spain vs England in the final.

  2. England is lose already if they play like 3 match before .. England must play different if want win that game… Pls start palmer as no 10 … Foden is Not okay play that position…. Or change formation with 4 4 1 1 with foden/palmer at back Harry kane…
    Saka on left winger…
    Right winger by TAA …( Confirm he can play better…
    Walker as RB
    Trippier as LB
    Declan belingham duo midfielder

  3. That was a pretty deep defeat for Portugal (Georgia 2-0 Portugal) but still they qualified what a start for Roberto martinez and the team's captain Ronaldo Suuuh!💪💪💞💯

  4. Babak 16 Besar
    Sepanyool vs Georgia
    Jerman Benar-benar Panzer – Kecap Bango vs Denmark 🧨 – Lifebuoy
    Romania vs Belanda
    Austria – Sunlight vs Turki – Surf Deterjen Bubuk
    Portugal Bersiiiiuuuuuu vs Slovenia
    Inggris – Pepsodent vs Slovakia – Sunsilk
    Perancis – Croissant vs Belgia – Coklat
    Coklat Swiss vs Pizza Italia

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