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🔴 LIVE 🔴 Portugal need penalties, France squeak past Belgium & England thoughts! | ESPN FC FULL SHOW

Join Dan Thomas, Steve Nicol, Frank Leboeuf, Gab Marcotti, Alexis Nunes, Kasey Keller and Ale Moreno on ESPN FC for reaction to Portugal vs. Slovenia and France vs. Belgium at Euro 2024, as well as a look back at Mexico vs. Ecuador & Jamaica vs. Venezuela in Copa America.

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49 thoughts on “🔴 LIVE 🔴 Portugal need penalties, France squeak past Belgium & England thoughts! | ESPN FC FULL SHOW

  1. I do not see CR7 crying as a “mental breakdown”. No! I see it as him being human and how passionate he is about the game. It’s emotional and that’s what makes the game beautiful.

  2. Espn fc are cr7 haters using his name to earn money. Y hate him so much. JEALOUSY WONT GET YOU FAR. Portugal have no lethal chance without cr7 as gomez isn't as good as cr7 based on his domestic stats at psg. Portugal final crosses and attack are not sublime as other players need to support cr7 in crosses to disturb defenders. CR7 is our captain. Why should espn fc care about portugal (sarcasm care for portugal) when england and france have been pathetic in euro 2024? They also did the same for real madrid and they got what they deserve. Got humbled.

  3. fyi in Portugal we've been asking for CR7 to be out of the team for 4 years now (since the last Euros). His touch is terrible, he's slow af, zero agility and he's just parked at the far post waiting for crosses. Fernandes is one of the best freekick specialists in the world and CR7 takes every single freekick. It's criminal to waste our best generation and the dreams of millions of portuguese fans just so we dont hurt some retired billionaire's feelings. If you look at his current footballing skills, he's a below average striker. A Bendtner.

  4. These Panelists HATE Ronaldo with passion. They always speak about Mental Health for players but Ronaldo must never show his EMOTIONS 😢.

    Hypocrites, hence they all had failed careers.

  5. 100% bring in French bring. Spin bring divy one Portugal will beat 100%. You guys talk about talk about talk about so much so much, but look at the weather. French plays, look with you, Wayne. Look with spin play look with the Wayne. Come on, bring it over, we see rock and rolla

  6. So it's the same Portugal wanna have more chance with French because you're French. Do you like to open the defense? So it's the same thing, no difference. And Portugal will beat French. I guarantee 1 a 100% 2 19 0 2 1 100% because Frenchy doesn't play the fans. Is open, so you gonna have more chance? Let's get a Friday. Oh yeah rock and roll

  7. Really?? Is not CR7 being bad… although he was on this match. But is him demanding the team to play for him insertas of the oposite. Martinez is afraid to take him out… and that el be the end of Portugal.

  8. Slovenia were spectacular on defense, incredible to watch. I disagree about Ronaldo crying, it made his players want to win for Christiano, and it's part of the culture, it's not viewed as weakness.

  9. C. Ronaldo what he did to england oremier league's team you maybbe foorgot..?? But this channel they don't Buddy😁 Thats why they whats gona say only worst thoughts 😂 look at to Real madrid every year madrid gona lose for them.. but .. Buuut every time King of europe win the Champions.!!!!! Quit what they saay fake people

  10. From St. Kitts and Nevis. I humbly think that the greater majority of the players appear to be very exhausted from their long domestic leagues etc, thus the possible major reason for the mediocrity of the 2024 edition of the Euro.

  11. HOW ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT RONALDO AND NOT ABOUT DIOGO COSTA???? This is why I stopped watching ESPN 2 years ago. You guys consistently take advantage of opportunities to take down Ronaldo.

  12. I think Portugal's true test will be their next match. They have yet to face a top 10 team or even top 20 team between qualifying and the group stages.The best ranked team they've faced so far is Czechia who is ranked 34. Today they struggled against Slovenia who is ranked 57. Their next match will be against Germany (16) or Spain (8).

    Italy is a weak team. But in contrast, they've had to face England(5), Ukraine(24), Spain (8), Croatia (9) and Switzerland (19).

  13. A big problem for Portugal is that Ronaldo is making a lot of runs off the ball, yet Bruno Fernandes doesn't seem interested in playing a through ball. Has Fernandes made any good passes through the middle of the field in this tournament? The same thing was happening at the World Cup.

  14. Blah blah! Tears aren’t for me. Oh hush. They won! So the mental state helped them pull through. How many times have you carried your club and country Stevie and registered 600+ goals?

  15. The only Anti-CR7 sport channel on the planet. Every ex-player is always a good coach once they appear on TV as pundits. Stevie Nicole as a manager was so horrible that he couldn’t manage any top flight club in Europe. His coaching career was an utter failure.

  16. Portugal would be way better without CR7 playing most of their matches, not even necessarily because CR7 is bad, but because when he's there they keep trying to force-feed him the ball.

  17. Penaldo crying because he is selfish who think about himself only …. he is the reason why Portugal went to penalties … the coach is a coward …. Penaldo's fanboys crying in the comments becuase they want the world praise their finished idolo ……

    keep it up espn ..

  18. Astonishing how these clowns talk about the mental state of Rolando at that situation, specially Frank Leboeuf saying he has been in that situation before. Really Frank? You won a Euro and WC with the world class France team. You league career, 0 league titles and 0 UCL. You are never that important for any team in your career, not many will bat an eye if you miss/score/save or whatever. You never played with that kind of expectation from the entire nation and all his fans around the world. He felt he let his people down. As fans, who understand football and have been following this game for a long time, we understand the situation. The teammates understand the situation. You never ever had even an iota of that kind of emotion or expectation.

  19. What Stevie said is true about the tears but give me a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve like that and you know feels the pain of the nation and its fans any day. Ronaldo loves his country. He loves playing for the national team and all that passion is genuine. Give him huge credit for taking the first kick after being so devastated after the pk save.

  20. Ronaldo showing emotions because he’s passionate for the game makes him a bad captain.
    He’s a human.

    He hasn’t scored & it means a lot to him.

    Stop bringing him down.

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