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💥Karen Read Verdict Watch💥Monday edition 7/1/24~ Attorney Commentary💥

Day 5 of Verdict Watch in the Commonwealth v Karen Read trial out of Norfolk County, MA begins on July 1, 2024.

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39 thoughts on “💥Karen Read Verdict Watch💥Monday edition 7/1/24~ Attorney Commentary💥

  1. I feel sorry for the niece and nephew and father, having to live with so called uncle,full of hate and the grandmother.! John was Nieve also thinking these people cared about him because he was one of them!!!?

  2. State courts are required to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and jurors are entitled to reasonable accommodations needed to participate in jury service. I wonder if there could be a potential ADA argument re testimony read backs. I agree with Mark that not allowing read backs is absurd, but in addition to due process, disability rights is another argument for all states to allow read backs.

  3. MARK, I've seen NUMEROUS people bring you up on different true crime pages, telling everyone the things you say… You're GREAT at this and really should start your own page!!! 🤞
    — Hit that like button if you think Mark should start his own YouTube channel!

  4. I ended up falling asleep watching your livestream this morning because I couldn’t sleep last night because I was so anxious about the verdict watch today. I am shocked that the jury was unable to reach a verdict when it was proven in court that OJO wasn’t even hit by a car! 😱🙊 Thank you Melanie for covering this trial with us daily, mods for keeping the chat classy, and this community for keeping me sane throughout this trial. 💞

  5. 4:28:12. I believe the combination of Bad Faith efforts could potentially be sanctioned as there is ZERO WAY Lally didn’t know several witnesses were going to lie again, as they already had.

    In addition, he had the same ARCA (ARRCA?) data which completely and scientifically steam roles petty officer Paul's report (I refuse to call it an AR and yes "petty”was purposeful). Lally absolutely knew what Paul states was utterly ridiculous.

    Lally’s Red face and never ending paper shuffling showed how embarrassingly nervous he was throughout the trial…because he knew what he was doing was wrong!

    Along with all of those things, purposely showing inverted video ( not provided in Discovery) and actually attempting to get it in as though everyone was looking at the Passengers side of the vehicle and using it as proof the Troopers were not on the passengers side is an overt act of deception.

    Top it all off with his closing statement which he told numerous lies which he KNEW to be lies, proven in open court. I know during Opening, both sides can present testimony/evidence they believe will be proven during trial however to outright lie multiple times on questions that have been resolved, or t the very least heavily scrutinized, as a Prosecutor, it is especially unethical as you are supposedly seeking the truth, not a “Win”. If at the very least severe sanctions don't apply, I don't know when they would!

  6. Proctor did testify to the fact that while he was going through her phone he came upon conversations between Karen and her lawyer. He then stated that that is when he turned over the phone

  7. You’d be exhausted also if you were the one with your life on the line & looking at a life sentence for committing a murder that you didn’t commit. I can’t imagine how Karen’s health is currently with not eating properly or getting enough sleep with this hanging over her head. Lally knows that the Alberts got to someone on that jury pool & why there’s a single hold out to convict. There’s not a chance that any of the women believe that she killed him & after hearing all the disgusting things that Proctor said about Read, are they going to vote to convict her.

  8. 3:43:37. Sorry MB. Luv ya but you give Lally an unwarranted out. He knew what he was doing (and not doing). He waited how long to release critical Discovery in pretrial. Things like lab reports that were somehow pending more than a year later and when Missy from Defense calls, she is told there are no results pending. Lally never sent…or received long before and like other exculpatory evidence, he flat out wouldn't release. Proof of that was exposed multiple times like the inverted Wallet Port video

  9. Sorry but the judge needs to call it what it is, a hung jury, period. You’ve got 1 or 2 holding out wanting to convict her & the rest all at not guilty, guaranteed. It is what it is, there’s someone that absolutely knows the Alberts that need to see her convicted or the Alberts & Higgins are going to be indicted. They can’t allow that to happen. The day I saw the Alberts sitting in the court room during the last day & jury instructions were read, I knew they had got to someone on the jury. You’d be surprised just how many times someone shows up at jurors homes to give them a “payment” to come back with the verdict they expect, or at least 1 hold out. These hold outs need to be fully investigated after the trial is over as we have seen way too many jurors who have been compromised.

  10. MA court webSite state jurors can ask ?'s of witnesses. Guess who controls whether that happens or not.
    I'm sure you guessed correctly… The judge. Certainly wouldn't want people asking probing questions!

  11. 3:13:32. Oh, you must not. Have gotten the memo. The judge knows more about the law with her Public Defender experience than two of the top Defense Attorney and she could never be wrong so why ask for their basis. You silly silly attorneys😡

  12. 3:13 :06. I actually would say the judges responses to the prosecutions objections for the first two weeks of trial on the relatively rare time she should have used the standard term "Overruled" yet instead she said " they can have that" or "I'll give them that". However she DID NOT USE THE SAME FOR DEFENSE objections. For theirs, it had been the standard “Overrule” at two weeks in she Sustained 80% of Pros and like 32 or 33% of Defense.

    What was possibly worse is that she basically took over the witness from the Defense attorney when she used those odd phrases and asked reworded questions like "Can you answer that" or "Do you know". Again, this only happened on the relatively rare occasions where she responded to Lally’s objection by stating “I’ll give them that one” as opposed to a simple and correct “Overuled”.

    She didn’t take over the witnesses when the Prosecutor was asking the questions. So biased I was incensed!!

    The ONLY TIME her Bias didn't play a huge role was when Proctor was on the stand which was very interesting. I don’t think she minded if Proctor went down.

    My last straw with her was the Verdict Slip. That wasn't a Clerk's error. No way! The standard form was purposely altered to leave out critical information on purpose. It was 10000% the judge and that, along with her terrible adjudication throughout the trial may very well have been a significant reason for the final outcome. Whatever is BEYOND OUTRAGED, THAT IS WHAT I AM RIGHT NOW. I DO NOT BELIEVE FOR A SECOND that anyone in their right mind/s could say Karen was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt!!!Hands down one of the worst miscarriages of justice I have seen in my lifetime. My heart is so broken for her, her family, and the O’Keefe family. Although I DO NOT understand how the O’Keefe family sat through all the Pre-Trial Motions/Hearings, then the trial, and still believe in the Alberts and McCabes complete innocence, and KR’s guilt. The only thing I can assume is that they have been fed addition lies that can’t be used in court. I guess they haven’t wondered why (or they were lied to about that also). Just an absolute shame.

  13. The women are jealous of Karen’s accomplishments. I’d be afraid of the women on the jury, especially if they are from Canton. None of those women who testified against her have ever done anything except for being “soccer moms “. That’s why they’re jealous.
    If the most pressing issue on Jennifer McCabes’mind at 2:30 a.m. was some stupid basketball ball game and the score, what a boring life. A decent mother & father would not have been out drinking until midnight with a blizzard predicted!! Unfortunately the kind of life that these ordinary citizens of Canton live, is the norm so no wonder they don’t like Karen. They can’t fathom having a real career and not being dependent on a man for their money.
    I hope that Karen gets out of this mess, moves to Boston or New York and resumes a career with Fidelity. She can be an analyst and stay out of public view.
    Why didn’t they have a nice dinner for their son’s birthday instead of everyone just drinking, kids and parents!!!
    Karen’s education and knowledge cannot be taken away from her. She has it. She can figuratively give the bird to all of these boring crooks when it’s over!!!!!
    I’m voting for her and Yenetti getting together. He’s gorgeous, smart, even brilliant, single, wow!!!!!

  14. It’s scary that, you can see, right from the first responding officer, and his lack of protocol, to the red solo cups with the evidence, the leaf blower, the missing ring videos, to the obvious collision between the Albert’s, that anyone would not plainly see reasonable doubt. Poor Karen. Her life will never be the same.
    It DOES feel like it’s tilted for a conviction! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  15. The judge already stated that police reports and other reports are not considered evidence. The lawyers can reference them during trial but cannot be submitted as evidence. That’s why the jury has all the evidence and can’t have any of the reports.

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